Vietnam Green Building Council

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) is a non‐profit organisation established in 2007 which functions solely to build up a green construction environment in Vietnam. The council has been officially recognised by the Vietnam Ministry of Construction in March 2009.
VGBC was acknowledged in December 2007 by the World Green Building Council as an “Emerging green building council” and in September 2009, VGBC became a member of the WGBC – Asia Pacific Network,
The Vietnam Green Building Council’s mission statement declares the council as “Driving towards a sustainable and adaptive built environment”.
The statement encompasses the following aims:
-         To be the focal point for academia, government and private sector to promote a more sustainable and adaptive built environment
-         To build capacity and define green building metrics to drive the market transformation.
And the following objectives:
-        To develop a set of green building tools, the LOTUS Rating Tools
-        To define and implement an Official Green Consultant training and exam program
-        To create a Green Database of products and services
-        To continue long-term research on climate change resilience for the building environment
-        To strengthen ties with academia, government and private sector partners
-        To enhance awareness about green building practice through workshops and online resources