C.P. Vietnam’s sustainable path picks up the plaudits

With non-stop innovation to improve quality and develop modern agriculture, Thai-backed C.P. Vietnam was last week bestowed with prestigious national awards that offers further motivation for the company to contribute more to Vietnam’s sustainable agriculture.

Mr. Jiravit Rachatanan - C.P. Vietnam vice president taking over golden prize at VNQA 2020

C.P. Vietnam received the gold prize and five other awards at a joint ceremony for the Vietnam National Quality Awards (VNQA) and the Global Performance Excellence Awards (GPEA), which covered both 2019 and 2020 and were handed over by the prime minister.

The awards aim to honour businesses that have made outstanding achievements in improving the quality of products and services, competitiveness, operational efficiency, and regional and international economic integration. The prime minister signed decisions presenting the awards to 61 companies in 2019 and 55 companies last year.

Five branches of C.P. Vietnam were honored with prizes covering all sectors in the feed-farm-food (3F) closed chain, with swine business of Branch 3 receiving the gold prize at VNQA 2020. C.P. Aqua Feed mill in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre and a livestock feed mill plant in the southern province of Dong Nai were also named in VNQA 2020, while Branch 3 of the food business in Ho Chi Minh City and Factory branch 6 in Dong Nai were honored for the 2019 edition.

Companies receiving the golden prize, including C.P. Vietnam

C.P. Vietnam president Montri Suwanposri said, “The corporation always innovates in producing and doing business to enhance the quality of products, services, and competitiveness, to maximize productivity, and to integrate into regional and international economies. Applying the standards of the VNQA will raise C.P. Vietnam branches’ awareness of advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges, and then find solutions to accelerate productivity and build a sustainable development roadmap.”

In the swine business of Branch 3 in Dong Nai, all farms apply modern and environmentally-friendly industrial husbandry, and its pig total makes up the largest proportion of pigs in the province, known as the Vietnamese capital of husbandry. The branch was also awarded VNQA recognition in 2018.

Branch representative Kieu Minh Luc said, “We are so honored to receive the gold award as recognition of the company’s efforts to strengthen production and enhance product quality.”

C.P. Vietnam president and branches' representative

In the animal feed business, C.P. Aqua Feedmill in Ben Tre is one of the three-largest feed mills for the corporation, with annual capacity of nearly 250,000 tons. This is also the first mill in Ben Tre to apply various ISO and GMP-certified standards, and all its products are traceable. The mill in Dong Nai meanwhile provides feed for various animals using modern technologies that match international standards in nutrition, safety, high efficiency, and traceability.

Elsewhere, Branch 3 in Ho Chi Minh City provides ready-to-eat products like sausages, dumplings, and fast food, while Factory 6 in Dong Nai processes chicken and other meats. In the 3F model, all outputs of these two factories are ensured with clean materials for breeding, feed, and processing in collaboration with modern tech for the most hygienic environment.

C.P. Vietnam president and branches' representative

With the vision of being a “Kitchen of the World”, C.P. Vietnam has been contributing sustainable values to the country’s agriculture sector. Numerous branches have been acknowledged in the VNQA in addition to other awards that celebrate enterprises accompanying farmers, sustainable businesses, and overall best enterprises.

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Prime Minister decided to present the golden prize of the Vietnam National Quality Awards 2020 for the company’s remarkable achievements in improving product quality, service, competitiveness, effective operation and international integration. The enterprises including Nestlé Vietnam got the golden prize because they met the award’s seven criteria comprising role of leaders, strategic planning, customer and market orientations, measurement, knowledge analysis and management, human resource management and development, operation management and operation result.

C.P. Vietnam donated 50,000 medical masks to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

In the afternoon of April 16, 2021, representatives of C.P.Vietnam Mr. Tran Anh Quyet and Mr. Dinh Quoc Hoang presented 50,000 medical masks to the Mardi Gras Delegation on behalf of CPV Charity Fund. Representatives of the Ministry's youth union were Mr. Ta Hong Son - Secretary of the delegation, secreties of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Legal and some departments that welcomed and received the above masks.

Nestlé Brings More “Made-in-Vietnam” Products to The World

HCMC – April 22, 2021 Nestlé Vietnam, one of the country’s leading businesses, especially in terms of it’s commitment to sustainable development, not only does well in business activities, creates jobs, contributes to the state budget but also contributes to initiatives and programs on social and community development, environmental protection.

Dow Vietnam Launched Plastics Circularity Project in Hoan Kiem District

On April 17, 2021, to celebrate Earth Day 2021 “Restore our Earth”, an event is held at 2 Le Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The event is co-organized by Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR), Vietnam Water Conservation Network (VIWACON), and the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District with the strong leadership of Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI), and with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Dow Vietnam, and other businesses. Earth Day 2021 also has the participation of Youth Union, Women’s Union, businesses, non-governmental and environmental organizations, volunteer groups, schools, and citizens in Hoan Kiem district.


On 1 & 2 April 2021, BAT Vietnam’s Leadership team together with its partners had a trip to the leaf growing area in Gia Lai. In the trip, the leadership team and partners handed over two charity houses to two families of ethnic group. 800 trees, covering 1,200 m of road at Ia Broai commune, Ia Pa district, Gia Lai were also planted as an activity of the trip.


Following the achievement of the factory in Dong Nai, BAT's factory in Binh Chanh remarked a milestone of zero waste to landfill since 1st April of 2021. To achieve this, VINA-BAT JV organized many trainings of waste categorization for all employees as well as apply many other environmental activities.


In January 2021, Traphaco was awarded major titles and awards in the field of Oriental medicine - Herbal medicine. Specifically, on January 8th, 2021, Traphaco ranked No. 1 reputable oriental pharmaceutical company in 2020, the rankings officially announced by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report).