C.P.Vietnam – Xuan Hong Festival – The 2021 Red Journey Campaign

C.P. Vietnam's business activities always aim to support the community both materially and spiritually through projects throughout our business activities.

One of the outstanding projects is "Red Journey - Voluntary Blood Donation" first held in 2009. Starting from organizing blood donation within the company including leaders and employees, then expanding the scale to organize and advocate for employees' families, customers, partners, youth, students and armed forces and related departments.

And the project gradually expanded, accessing two major programs to help solve the serious anemia problem in Vietnam, namely the Xuan Hong Festival and the Red Journey. For more than 10 years of blood donation campaigns, CPV has collected thousands of blood units to partially support hospitals and patients in the treatment process.

With continuous contributions to the community, in 2020, C.P. Vietnam was awarded the "Red Drop" award for outstanding offerings in the voluntary blood donation movement.

CPV received “Red Drop” award.

This year 2021, with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, did not stop the enthusiasm of CPV employees to participate in the Red Journey. With the motto "Every drop of blood given, a life remains", CPV continues to accompany "Red Journey - Xuan Hong Festival" in provinces and cities across the country, to spread the message "Connecting Vietnamese bloodline" to everyone. During the implementation of the program, CPV also focused on strict control to ensure safety during the epidemic.

The Red Journey program in 2021 will be held in 44 provinces and cities and is expected to receive about 100,000 blood units. This year, CPV will accompany the program in 20 provinces and summarize the program in Hanoi.

From the beginning of 2021, the Xuan Hong Festival starts from Khanh Hoa province to Dong Nai and Dong Thap and will continue to be held in the provinces where CPV operates.

Red Journey officially launched on June 9 in Lai Chau province, collecting 1,492 blood units.

C.P Vietnam accompanies the blood donation festival "Ha Nam thousand compassionate hearts" - Connecting Vietnamese bloodline in Ha Nam which was held from June 16 to July 28, 2021. CPV volunteers came to the festival to "donate blood safely" and give meaningful gifts of the company to the volunteers who came to donate blood.

On July 9, 2021, the second destination of the red journey is in Hai Phong port city, which was hold at Hai Phong Medical and Pharmacy Hospital. With the program "Red Drops of Dat Cang", 575 blood units were collected. CPV volunteers also donated 7,000 chicken eggs and 7,000 CPPC medical masks, supporting the program's organization and donation.

The 2021 Red Journey Program in Hai Phong

On the same day, CPV branch in Krong Pac district also organized the Red Journey program "Red Drops of the Central Highlands", and collected 1,029 blood units. CPV has sponsored 8,000 eggs and 8,000 medical masks to volunteers, and people participating in the program.

"Red Drops of the Central Highlands"

On July 12, 2021, the Red Journey to Binh Dinh province with the program "Red drops of martial arts land" took place within 4 days of July 12-16. Participating in the program were the company's employees who supported and donated blood. In addition, the company supported an additional 5000 eggs, and 5000 medical masks to volunteers.

"Red blood drops of martial arts land"

Although only halfway through 2021, the Red Journey has obtained the expected results, the number of blood units collected is 9.551units, hopefully, the next journey will be successful with the set goals of the journey.



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