Dow Presents Advanced Water Treatment Technologies in Vietnam

HCM City, Vietnam,November9, 2016 – Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow) today introduced its global leading water treatment technology for the Vietnam market. 
In Vietnam, the company aims to help solve industrial water treatment challenges as well as address an increasing demand for safe residential drinking water. Presenting at the VietWater 2016 Show for the first time, Dow showcased products that demonstrate its global leadership in reserve osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration and ion exchange resins technologies.
Sasama Tomoyuki, General Director of Dow Vietnam said, “The Vietnamese economy has achieved a high growth rate over the last ten years. Currently, the challenges Vietnam is facing are sustainable development and environmental protection issues. By bringing the best Dow water technologies to Vietnam, we hope to help local economy grow sustainably and help more people gain access to clean and safe drinking water. ”


Key products that are making their debut at the show include:

- DOW FILMTEC™ LCLE 4040 - an energy saving solution that provides high rejection results at low pressure under harsh water conditions.
- DOW FILMTEC™ BW 30-400 - an ideal product for use in large-scale industrial and municipal water treatment systems as it enables users to increase productivity and reduce costs. It is a brackish water RO element that provides consistently high performance and long element life when treating difficult industrial water.
- Dow IntegraFlux™ Ultrafiltration Modules with XP Fiber – an award-winning technology for industrial and municipal applications. XP Fiber delivers groundbreaking high-flux, low-pressure, ultra-reliable performance while requiring less frequent cleaning and reduced chemicals. It significantly increases efficiency, productivity and reliability while lowering the cost of water.
- A series of residential RO membranes that allow household water purifier to produce clean and safe drinking water, including DOW AQUALAST™ 1812 Element. Dow’s latest innovation, this product allows home owners to save up to 67 percent in water usage compared to purifiers using conventional RO technology. This means savings from water bills and lesser environmental footprint.
- Dow ion exchange resins for power plant water treatment, including the newly launched Amberlite™ Weak Acid Cation resins that offer industry-leading process reliability and low cost of total operations. With nearly 95 percent of water in a power plant for reuse, it is important that both the feedwater and recycled steam are purified to prevent scale and corrosion in the steam water circuit to increase the reliability of the plant.
Alan Chan, Asia Pacific commercial director for DW&PS said, “Dow has been supporting the Vietnam market for more than a decade. Our FILMTEC™ RO membranes for home water purifiers have been well received by the consumers.  Our presence at the VietWater 2016 truly demonstrates our strong commitment to further participating in the sustainable development journey of Vietnam. We look forward to working with more local partners and customers to bring our innovative solutions that address the water-related challenges in the market, residential and industrial.”
An integral part of Dow’s presence in Vietnam is the Company’s water-related corporate citizenship activities.  Dow has donated more than 30 water purification devices to schools and hospitals in Vietnam, providing safe drinking water to thousands of pupils,patients and people in need.  In addition, Dow donated an emergency water purification mobile unit to the Vietnam Red Cross. Most recently on September 17, 2016, Dow participated in an initiative to clean up the Hanoi Lakes. More than 1,200 volunteers participated in the program to help conserve water resources and protect the environment.

Source: Dow Vietnam

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