VCCI introduces “Instructions of Corruption Defense for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)” toolkit

The selection of “Instructions of Corruption Defense for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)” toolkit from VCCI is set to better support clean-fingered business for Vietnamese business community, which is supposed to back them up in surpassing risks and challenge of corruption, and craft an upright business environment in Viet Nam. This toolkit, compiled by the Business Leaders Group (B20) from Great Economies (G20) and published in 2015, specifically aims at small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

Show in concise and brief structure, the easy-going toolkit has been successfully applied in various countries of G20. With the sponsor of British Prosperity Fund, VCCI cooperates with local and international professionals has edited and modified the original toolkit for a better match with native business background and launched the toolkit in 2016 in Ha Noi. The results demonstrated a practical set of solution that make it relevant to enterprises in both large scale or small and medium ones. It is helpful to defense any kind of corruption, build better risk management system in business transaction.

For further details on the toolkit and other effective strategies for corruption defense, please follow the website:,  

Other News

VinGroup organized Annual Meeting of Stockholders in 2017

VinGroup has officially launch their annual meeting of stockholders for the year 2017 in April 26. After going through their achievement in 2016, the Board has agreed on the revenue target up to 80.000 billion Dong from main businesses in 2017.

Sustainable Development in Agriculture: Responsible Land Investment

Accounted for over 70% population as workforce, agriculture holds a large pie in economic structure of Viet Nam. Land is important resource to stimulate the development in agriculture and hold the role as living base for rural population.

Kick-off meeting of Programme on Benchmarking and Ranking the most sustainable companies in Viet Nam 2017

This is an annual program operated under the government’s control in Announcement no.398/TB-VPCP on December 15, 2015 about ranking sustainable businesses since 2016

Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development policy

Within the scope of “Month to Take Action for the Environment” to support 2017 World Environment Day, the Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development Policy has been organized.

Dow Leadership In Action Reinforces Commitment to Collaborate on Addressing Community Challenges in Vietnam

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) deploys resources to Hanoi, Vietnam through the 2017 Leadership In Action (LIA) program – reconfirming the Company’s long-term commitment to the country as a primary sustainable development partner.

SCG joined hands with Hanoi Football Club to uplift the professional football in Vietnam

SCG has joined hand with Hanoi Football Club to create activities aiming to uplift the professional football in Vietnam and encourage youth development via sports - June 24

Dow Vietnam Launches Hands-on STEM Education Program for Chemistry Students

A transformational initiative aimed at nurturing industry future workforce and the sustainability of Vietnam’s chemical sector