Call for Proposals: Sector Study, EE Benchmarking and Assessment of energy saving potential in the Aquaculture Processing Industry

Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with WWF-Vietnam is starting a new 2-year project: “Demonstrating the economic, environmental and social benefits of Sustainable Energy to corporates and financial institutions in Vietnam” (Sustainable Energy for Corporate Sectors) from FY17-FY19. The project will be operational nationwide, with focus on the business hubs in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, with regional dissemination of results to Greater Mekong countries.

The main objectives of the project include:

  •            by 2018 Sustainable Energy & Energy Efficiency (EE) visions are developed for selected sectors based on two pilot studies. Two selected sectors are: Forestry/Wood processing and Aquaculture. The results will be disseminated within and outside the sectors;
  •              by 2018 energy investors are aware of potential adverse environmental impacts and the involved investment risks. In collaboration with selected financial institution (FI) investment guidelines will be developed and disseminated to the FI sector and to WWF in the Amazon.

The objective of this consultancy assignment is to assist in evaluating the EE potential and establishment of EE benchmarking for the aquaculture processing industry in Vietnam. The assignment involves assisting Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) in developing energy efficiency benchmarking and advising the MOIT on cost-effective energy efficiency measures and technologies to improve energy efficiency in the aquaculture processing industry by different sub-sectors, including Shrimp and Catfish.

The implementation of benchmarking for industrial sector is under World Bank program - Vietnam EE Financing for industrial enterprises. In the previous stage, an EE benchmarking report for food sector is available. Consultant shall take full use of the database and findings from the previous study provided by WWF and VBCSD.

Consultants are invited to submit proposal and profile in line with the requirements clearly stated in the attached TOR. Deadline for proposal submission is 01 Oct 2017.

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